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ImperiumAO Presents: 1.6.3

A new chapter is getting closer! On the Friday 2nd of March, the new update of the game will be released. This is not a minor update. A huge quantity of content and improvements were implemented to the game. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Final and official release of the BattleServer: After many setbacks and tests, the trials are over and we are in conditions of making the official and final launch of the acclaimed BattleServer. Many new gamemodes will be implemented, improvements/fixes in general, new equipment, and many, but many unique content so that the game experience is more fun and captivating than ever.

  • New system "Rest". Now your character will gain bonus experience while being offline, up to a 42% of the maximum required experience per level. This bonus experience will be granted in conjunction with the experience earned by killing creatures as an additional bonus (and cumulative) with other modifiers.

  • A new server and changes in Radamek. A new server will be opened in Central America. On it you will be able to play from the entire continent without any major connectivity issues since it will be hosted in Brazil and it will have a higher level of connectivity and stability. This server will be launcher with the release of the update and, as always, migrations will not be allowed for severals months during its opening. On the other hand, the Radamek server will be converted in a BattleServer (the characters in it will be able to migrate to any other server without any cost).

  • A new system of In-Game Shop. New currencies. Now you will be able to buy every Shop item from the game, without the need of going to the website or the mail. The items will go directly to your inventory. On the other hand we added to new currencies: Rag Gems and Alkar Crystals. The ones can be obtained in different forms within the game (special events and automatic ones, BattleGrounds and unique Quests) and they will allows you to get a great variety of unique and exclusive items.

  • Flying Mounts. Explore the lands of Imperium through the air! The introduction of flying mounts to the game will allows you to travel throughout the world at a great speed without clashing with obstacles. Travel to new exclusive zones and participate in combats in the air!

  • New Skins for practically all the mounts in the game.

  • We continue to improve the game in a substantial form by improving the ambiance and multimedia. The world is more alive and radiant... Discover it by yourself! We added new sounds, graphics, re-do many zones of the game.

  • A package of improvements and bug fixes, many suggestions of the users and practically every bug report has been investigated and solved, we added new surprise features that you will be discovering while you play.

  • 100% translated to English. Very soon, we will add Portuguese and will expand our frontiers with room for expansion.

We hope that this news are of please to you and, as always, we wait for you on this new stage that is about to begin. This update is result of the work of a great team that day to day shows that we can overcome and improve without the need to compare with anyones or competing.

For you, our players, and for all the new adventures that arrive at the (each time more) magical and fantastical lands of the game. Detailing, improving, and always close to our players, today more than ever, united and starting a new era...


We wait for you on this 2nd of March.
There is much work ahead of us. It is without saying that there will be no reset in any of our servers. The update process may take a few hours. The final time of release will be published along side a semi-final list of changes a few hours earlier. The update will be downloaded automatically and there will be no need to download a new client to play.

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