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14 Years of ImperiumAO!

On this day, March 11, our beloved IAO arrives at its fourteenth anniversary. For a person, 14 years mean simply starting to go through adolescence. For a game, however, 14 years is quite a long life (hey, and with many more yet to come!)


14 Years of ImperiumAO!


Throughout its existence, ImperiumAO has come across thousands of people of all ages and from all over the world. Did you know that our news in Facebook have even reached folks from Slovakia, Thailand, The Philippines, among many others? Moreover, the game went through more than 12 major updates that kept it afloat. Or who out there doesn't know what these numbers are?


Who out there doesn't know what these numbers are?


So now, to celebrate all of this, we declare not only this day but all of March as the MONTH OF IMPERIUMAO, starting with six hours of in-game events (12hs-18hs. GMT-3) and a new automatic invasion, followed by a 3vs3 Tournament at 19hs GMT-3. After today, you'll have to be very mindful of our social media for the whole month: we will be organizing events and special contests with unique prizes.

You want even more? Sure. After all, this celebration is for us all, which is why we want our servers full of energy and leaving no one out. If you were paying attention, above you've already won something (now go fill the world with 14s!).




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