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There's much more ImperiumAO to discover!
Level Up!
Donor players get an increase of 10% in the experience gained by fighting creatures. If this was not enought, the increase stacks with any other bonuses your character might get!
House Rental!
There are more than 90 of houses available to rent all over the world! Renting a house is an unique experience you will never regret! Invite your friends over, fight duels, store your items and much more! Exlusive feature to Donor users.
Make a Difference!
Donors have a star next to their name (this feature can be hidden if you want to).
Exclusive ultra-safe vault!
Donor players have an additional vault for item storage, which can have defined a security key of four numbers to protect it from being accessed.
Classic Auctions!
Remember the old Auctioneer of Lindos? He's back! As a Donor user, you can auction your items in real time, without any additional cost, receiving offers in the game's console.
Less waits!
Donor users respawn instantly, with no wait times.
More Events!
Donor players can join exclusive events!
No Ads!
Donors enjoy an ad-free gaming experience.
No Restrictions!
Even when the server is full, you will be able to login!
No Limits!
Donors can have double the amount of characters in their accounts! Want more? Add up to 300 users on your friend list too!
Total Control!
New options: characters block and hide, account login list, name reservation, you can even log out characters logged in your account! And many more options on the exclusive section for Donors on the account control panel.
Maximum Security!
Donor accounts can use an special password for their account panel to avoid that anyone that knows your account password can do unwanted changes like characters deletion, blocks, details change, etc. You will also have access to an account login list, with tine, day and location (what realm was accessed or if the account control panel was accessed).
New items!
You will be able to use unique items, exclusive to Donor users, like the Escape Rune. This item will let you go back to your home city from anywhere, once a day.
Maximum Privacy!
Allows you to hide your characters from the search engine and the statistics.
Show the World your Achievements!
The possibility of creating dynamic forums signatures that update with your character's progress let you show the rest the progress you have made. This feature is exclusive to Donor players.
Personalized Attention!
An exclusive "Donor Support Staff" will answer your questions with top priority, either by E-Mail or ingame.
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